Why Nutrition?
Eating a diet rich in nutrients is key to living a long, happy, and healthy life. A balanced diet, containing the wholesomeness of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, beans, legumes and wheat, has numerous affects on your health:

  • A boost to your energy level, 
  • Lower your risk of developing cancer and heart disease and 
  • Weight management 

What is a healthy weight?  Body Mass Index is a ratio of height and weight that is one of the standards to help determine the risk of disease. According to the Surgeon General, as your BMI climbs over 25, your risk of Cardiovascular disease, heart disease,  diabetes, etc. is elevated substantially. Use our BMI Calculator to determine where you stand.

Hudson Valley Wellness Center now offers Health Coaching utilizing Take Shape for Life, Dr. Anderson's Habit's of Health System and access to two committed certified health coaches.