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PLEASE NOTE: Scroll to the second page, find your height in the left column, move horizontally across to find your weight, go up to find your Body Mass Index (BMI).  Risk categories are seen below.  This chart is from the Surgeon General's Office of the USA.


We start out with weight loss, which is important because carrying extra body weight has been shown to put you at a higher risk for so many health problems.

Losing weight is just the beginning. The Habits of Health are what makes the difference between temporary weight loss and the potential for a lifetime of healthy lifestyle changes.

Designed by Dr. Wayne S. Andersen, Co-founder and Medical Director of Take Shape For Life and author of Dr. A’s Habits of Health, this comprehensive approach covers...

  • Healthy eating 
  • Regular exercise 
  • Restful sleep 
  • Stress relief 
  • A healthy, happy, and confident outlook on life 

The Habits of Health are explained in detail in two books, Dr. A’s Habits of Health, and the companion guide, Living a Longer Healthier Life, as well as the DVD set, which presents material from both.
Together, you and I will help you take ownership of your own well-being by…

  1. Seeing the most basic choices that support Optimal Health and making them part of your daily routine 
  2. Becoming aware of your daily choices that do not support health—without using negative self-talk or blame 
  3. Breaking the habit of nutritional pollution by giving your body and brain a break, using Medifast Meals  
  4. Thinking long term and making choices now that support your health for the time ahead 
  5. Creating a microenvironment of health to shield you from the temptations of our nutritionally polluted world 

Our philosophy is that bad habits are not broken; they are simply replaced with good ones! We do this by increasing our awareness and practicing new, healthier behaviors every day. 

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It’s not a quick fix, but when you invest the time, you can create better health for the rest of your life. And I can help! Coaching is done by phone, email and the internet – we are located in the Hudson Valley, NY, but our clients are located around the United States.
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Dr. Tom Zwart and Linda Zwart
Certified Health Coaches, Take Shape for Life