Company History

Hudson Valley Wellness Center

Zwart Wellness Center Signage Dr Zwart

While finishing seminars for his Sports Certification in 1997, Dr. Zwart had his first thoughts of a clinic that addressed the structural, nutritional and emotional well being of patients. He was taught to consider every athlete's total health, by one of the teachers, Dr. Philip Santiago. (Dr. Santiago was part of the official US Olympic Medical Staff in Barcelona, Spain.) 

The many ongoing seminars Dr. Zwart attended in Chiropractic and Low tech rehab have further spurred his interest in wellness. Teaching patients better movement patterns-ergonomics, exercises, and general wellness ideas became part of his daily practice. In January 2008, Hudson Valley Wellness was conceived on paper after months of developing the idea. It was birthed with additional staffing including a massage therapist. In September 2009, Dr. Zwart started utilizing Take Shape for Life for a lifestyle change and long term weight management. Our goal is to teach and promote wellness, one patient at a time.